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Techniques and philosophy since 1887 (Meiji year 20) 歴史と未来を見つめ一棟ごとに丁寧に誠実に 木造建築の美しさを魅せる小島ならではの伝承技 豊富な経験と実績で日本人の心と文化を紡ぐ 全国の名刹御用達信頼こそが 私たちの真髄
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Kojima Kensetsu Co., Ltd. is a construction company specializing in Japanese temples and shrines.
With our history dating back to 1887, we have most abundant experience in building, remodeling, and restoring Temples and Shrines in Tokai region.
The knowledge and experience that we have had, combined with modern construction technologies and methods, enable us to offer customer-centered and quality services including anti-earthquake reinforcement.

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